How Blockchain and AI Improves Conversion

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The online shopping industry is booming – with millions of people opting to turn against traditional business routes and take their business online. Customers can now shop from the comfort of their own home from a global marketplace.

In such a huge industry, how do you stand out from the competition and get your site noticed by potential customers? Here is how to improve your customers shopping experience using a Blockchain-Artificial Intelligence (AI) combo, so they will continue to shop from your site time and time again.

Fast & easy-to-navigate sites

Nobody can be bothered with a website that continuously glitches, is clunky to operate and doesn’t have a smooth, seamless aesthetic. To improve the user experience of your website it’s necessary to gather behavioural data in real time to produce actionable feedback which the digital marketing team can use.

The application of AI is one of the most useful ways to improve website design and optimize the user experience. However, without huge volumes of data AI is useless. The easiest way to increase data is to combine it with another data set. By blending Blockchain and AI data collection, storage, and analyses can take place securely and transparently in a decentralised manner.

What this means is that different online companies can have shared access to a decentralised and secured database (even as competitors) which the AI algorithm can access to produce insights. Currently, for a small to medium sized online retailer acting in isolation this is not easily achievable.
Access to a shared data lake with terabytes of data can significantly improve AI driven systems ability to improve the user experience of the website. More advanced tools can even make these changes in real-time, based on a specific user’s behaviour.

The AI and blockchain combo#s main goal is to create a fast and easy-to-navigate site which will encourage customers to shop from you as they will be able to find what they are looking for easily and in a stress-free manner.

Streamlined checkout process

Following on from an easy-to-navigate website, make sure your checkout process is just as streamlined to improve their shopping experience. More specifically, is the checkout process optimized for mobile users? Smartphone shoppers are on the rise according to Skava and reported in Market Wired 88% of mobile shoppers have a negative experience when using their phones to shop. This can either be due to difficult navigation, small product images and most notably an inconvenient checkout process.

To avoid an abandoned shopping cart make sure your payment process is just as quick and easy for the customers, allowing a fast checkout process for them and a secure sale for you. Clear shipping information, large tappable buttons and a checkout page displaying trust signals, for example, “Payments secured through smart contract technology and blockchain” can improve your reputation and trustworthiness as an online business, thereby reducing common barriers to people not completing an online purchase.

Ensure your Add To Basket option is visible

A great way to convert people from window shopping on your eCommerce site to actually shopping on your eCommerce site is ensuring that the Add To Basket option is visible and easy to access for customers. To further improve the add basket feature different AI algorithms can be granted access to the user’s onsite behaviour data with the users permission, thereby enabling the cross sell of products for services in the form of “frequently bought together’, ‘customer who bought also bought’, ‘highly rated items’, ‘customers who viewed this bought’.

The UserClix algorithm and analytic engine not only provides site visitors and ability to control the level and duration of access to onsite behaviour but enables online retailers to personalise the shopping experience in real time. This will encourage customers to add the items they want to buy as they won’t have to go through a complicated or long drawn out process, at the same time resulting in more sales and a better customer relationship for you.

Build an organic community on social media

Social media is a hugely powerful marketing tool for eCommerce sites as it allows you to connect with customers and potential customers all over the world. The interaction between your brand and customers on social media will give you credibility and rapport – resulting in the likelihood of more sales. On top of this, advanced tools running Text/Language analysis can be useful to understand what people say about your online business. This is very important because this can help you determine how people will react to your website, for example, is your website text too aggressive? Too tacky perhaps? AI blended with blockchain can help.

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