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Mistakes That Can Kill Conversion Rates

November 4, 2018 userclix 0 Comments

While website traffic is key to helping you increase the number of potential online sales you experience, it is conversion rates itself which ultimately determines the likelihood of these potential customers becoming real customers, and putting money into your business.

While many website owners and managers focus on generating website traffic through marketing and SEO strategies, this means nothing if your conversion rate is low.

Our experts have listed the biggest mistakes websites make in their conversion strategies, so that you are informed and don’t make them yourself!

A confusing checkout process affects conversion rates

Online buying should be quick and simple.

People are far more likely to buy from you if the actual payment process is easy – if a customer experiences a difficult checkout they are significantly more likely to abandon their shopping cart and lower your conversion rates.

By removing the necessity to create an online account before payment, as well as increasing the payment options, you are likely to increase your conversion rate. Accepting digital currencies along with standard payment methods can quickly expand your customer base and increase conversions. For some users the digital currency can be confusing and daunting at first.

The UserClix platform goal is to make the entire money-sending process more approachable offering eCommerce businesses a one stop solution to becoming digital currency friendly.

Distractions at the point of purchase

Offering additional products and discussing promotions at the point of purchase is often considered a good idea, especially as it is likely to increase your average transaction value.

However, some eCommerce websites take this too far, and overload their customers with extra information.

By keeping the additional content restricted, the buyer is more likely to complete their customer journey, buying their products with satisfaction.

Not understanding the average user’s experience

Your website should be geared towards customers if you want to increase your conversion rates, and their experiences must be understood in order to create a website which encourages sales.

Understanding the user experience means that features and content can be responsive, changing to suit the needs of the customer, offering a better experience overall. By generating feedback, you can really find out what customers like and dislike, helping you to create positive action plans for increasing the success of your site.

The UserClix platform allows eCommerce businesses to create new ways of engaging the individual – and to add value and utility to their purchases by combining two technological powerhouse technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

At UserClix, we pride ourselves on offering the best software to help eCommerce businesses understand the customer journey and experience with their site. We provide bespoke and tailored solutions in conversation optimisation and online shopping experiences. For more information about how we can help you, please contact us.

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